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D.E. Ring

The Mystery Writer as Escape Artist

D.E. Ring grew up in small Canadian towns, where characters tell stories. Writing for a local paper demanded discipline and understanding the reader. Becoming a successful professional playwright brought rhythm to the words and a way with deft characterization. Business writing demanded research, brevity, and exciting copy for a global market. Always curious, still surprised, D.E. Ring is a creator of intriguing worlds to visit.

D.E. Ring is Full Member of Crime Writers of Canada and Playwrights Guild of Canada.

5-star review!

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Urquhart & MacDonald
Mystery Series

Completed and coming soon:

Death in the Offing (July 2023)
Death of the Dancing Doll (November 2023)
Death in Secret (March 2024)


'You're an artist, aren't you? I can always tell. It's the eyes.'

Gloria Swanson to D.E. Ring. Honest.

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